Turkish Law
Turkish Law

Turkish Legal Consultancy

Power Of Attorney For Legal Represantation in Turkey
Power Of Attorney For Legal Represantation in Turkey

Turkish Law
Turkish Law

Turkish Legal Consultancy



Turkey has harmonized legal system integrated with the European legal system. The Turkish civil code has been modified from the Swiss Civil Code, the Code of Obligations, and the German Commercial Code. Therefore, the regulations, working ethics, and principles are different from European Legal System.

And its why,  you need a trustful professional hand, familiar with a local system whose being powered by the knowledge of  Turkish laws and regulations from beginning to end at every level of your business, personal legal requirements related to Turkish Laws, or standard procedures that requires you to apply governmental bodies, banks, municipalities in Turkey.

TURKISH LEGAL CONSULTANCY   provides cost-effective, client-focused, fast, efficient, and high-quality legal services in the scope of its expertise areas and builds long-term relationships with its clients based on professional ethics, privacy, mutual confidence, and respect.



TURKISH LEGAL CONSULTANCY attorneys provide legal consultation services and legal advice on a range of matters depending on our clients' circumstances. TURKISH LEGAL CONSULTANCY attorneys are able to give legal consultation in person, by email, video conference, or over the phone.




TURKISH LEGAL CONSULTANCY attorneys represent their clients in actions at courts involving almost every substantive area of the law by aiming to get an effective and fast result in favor of the clients.


TURKISH LEGAL CONSULTANCY Attorneys have good communication and negotiation skills and are experienced litigators who perform to provide results for the clients by producing practical, innovative, and creative legal solutions.


TURKISH LEGAL CONSULTANCY Attorneys, Mediators, Arbitrators have good communication and negotiation skills who are able to assist you to solve disputes before the litigation process fast, efficient, private way.


The Republic of Turkey aims to encourage foreign investors to invest in Turkey by amending Turkish citizenship regulations. And for this reason, Turkey is now welcoming all nationals of the world with its wide blue shores, deep green forests perfectly designed modern cities, and its democratic constitution. All you need to do is investing 250.000 USD in real estate. TURKISH LEGAL CONSULTANCY Attorneys will assist you to receive your Turkish passport within 3 months of the application

How do we provide our services?


  • With our experienced  Qualified Lawyers, Mediators, and Consultants.

  • Direct contact via Telephone, Whatsapp, Skype and E-Mail

  • Online case and file handling, so our Lawyers can focus on quick and effective client solutions.

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