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TURKISH LEGAL CONSULTANCY provides services in Aviation Law, especially to Aviation  Staff whose rights are separate from Turkish Labour  Law. Additionally, we work with aircraft companies, service providers, and suppliers to the aircraft companies.

Litigation Services

1.     Lien and property rights on aircraft

2.    Criminal cases  from air accidents and air-liability law

3.     lawsuits against Companies arising from air labor law

4.     claims from air transport agreements

5.     Compensation Cases arising from acts of hijacking

6.     Disputes arising from the  competition law and cases 

7.    Compensation  Cases  from the aircraft accidents

8.     Lawsuits against third parties 

Consulting Services  

1.      Consulting service about the 1952 Rome Convention, 1929 Warsaw Convention, Paris, and Chicago Conventions, Bermuda                             Agreements,  Chicago Convention, Air Traffic Convention on the Rights, Tokyo Convention, Hague Protocol 1955

2.      Consulting on military aviation and the law of the defense industry

3.      Criminal proceedings and practice of the location and the air safety law

4.      Defining and controlling the rights of sovereignty over air space

5.      Air carrier ownership and the acquisition and protection of the rights of pledge

6.      Supervision the responsibility of the air carrier operator

7.      Supervision and regulation of the air carrier and air transport insurance

8.       Air transport agreements (passenger-cargo)

9.       Legal advice about the extent of air accidents and criminal

10.     Consulting service about the air transport companies, in accordance with international law and national law

11.     Business consulting to the air transport companies

12.     Malpractice Liability&Aviation Medicine

13.     Air labor law practices and consulting on air workers' rights

14.      Regulations about competition and cooperation  in air transportation

15.     International ground and flight safety regulations

16.     Supervision and regulation of the  offset contracts

17.     Preparations of the aircraft supply contract

18.     Aircraft / Parts manufacturing and design law

19.     Supervision & regulation and representation before bodies  of the  International Civil Aviation Organization, Civil Aviation                               Authorities  of the European Union, the European Civil Aviation Conference, Euro control

20.     Supervision and implementation of the employment of foreign Personnel and responsibility law

21.     Supervision and  regulation of the location service contracts

22.     Auditing of the passenger tickets, coupons, and air cargo transportation bill

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