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Attorney  Services

1.     Enforcement  criminal cases

2.     Other cases within the jurisdiction of the Enforcement Court

3.     Bankruptcy proceedings

4.     Postponement of Bankruptcy Cases

5.     Termination of the tender proceedings

6.     Lien-emptive action

7.     Enforcement proceeding with judgment, enforcement proceedings without judgment, enforcement proceedings based on bill of                exchange

8.     Cancellation of the appeal and the appeal proceedings

9.     Action for restitution

10.   Negative declaratory action

11.   Cancellation of disposing

        Consulting Services  

1.     Participate in the enforcement tenders

2.     Registration  of the claims on bankrupt's estate

3.     Postpone the application of bankruptcy

4.     Regulation and  supervision of the  improvement project

5.     Supervision and  regulation of the bills of exchange

6.     Regulation and  supervision of the concordat agreements

7.     Regulation and  supervision of selling operations of the attached property

8.     Supervision and regulation of  bankruptcy procedure of companies

9.     Supervision of the insolvency status of companies

10.   Corporate recovery

11.   Consultancy in the office, by phone or in writing within the working hours

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