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TURKISH LEGAL CONSULTANCY Attorneys are experts in Turkish Commercial Laws and  international Commercial  cases arisen from breach of contracts, and international  arbitration cases,  TURKISH LEGAL CONSULTANCY  lawyers provide you with fast and quality results by contacting other parties of the dispute and lay the groundwork for  ADR (Alternative dispute resolution) 


1.    Press labor cases

2.    Press Council complaints

3.    Refutation on labels

4.    Public Prosecution Office complaints

5.     Defamation and libel  lawsuits

6.    Complaints and denunciations  to the Radio and Television Supreme Council

7.    Prevention of the danger of rape cases

8.    Injunctive suits

9.    Lawsuits on pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages

10.  Crimes committed by the press in terms of The new Turkish Penal Code and   Anti-Terrorism Act



1.    Regulation and supervision of the press labor contracts

2.    Supervision of the employee's personal rights

3.    Preparation of tv series-making and license contracts

4.    Edition contracts

5.    Regulation and supervision of the filmmaking and distribution contracts

6.    Regulation and supervision of the proclamation and Impressum

7.    Regularly screening the internet  to determine  infringement  of personality rights and  copyright

8.    Regulation and supervision of  job applications and the resolution of licensing disputes

9.    Establishment  of a media company

10.    Consulting on the purchase and sale of media companies

11.    Ensuring media activities compliance with legislation in force

12.    Considering media companies in terms of tax and business law

13.    Supervision of the legal transactions of radio and television supreme council about private broadcasting organizations

14.    Legal supervision and regulation of the print media publications and Radio-Television Broadcasts

15.    Supervision and regulation of sponsor and advertising contracts

16.    Supervision of construction contracts

17.    Screening, monitoring, and making the necessary interventions for  the broadcasts and publications in terms of  copyright and                other intellectual properties

18.    Survey and detection of the violation of personal rights through the media

19.    Regulation and supervision of the satellite broadcasting license agreements

20.    Consultancy in the office, by phone or in writing within the working hour

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