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TURKISH LEGAL CONSULTANCY Attorneys provide services to national and international associations. Our Lawyers also work as volunteers and donates to non-governmental organizations, for education, women's rights, children's rights, and similar organizations and associations.


1.    Criminal cases against the leaders of associations and foundations

2.    Lawsuits for damages against the association and foundation managers

3.    A credible case for the associations and foundations,

4.    Administrative and legal proceedings  about the establishment/dissolution of the associations and foundations

5.    Commercial litigation of the associations and foundations


CONSULTING SERVICES                 

1.    Establishing operations of associations and foundations

2.    Supervision the operation of associations and foundations

3.    Legal control of businesses of associations and foundations

4.    Legal control of organ&decisions of associations and foundations

5.    Legal control of the association and foundation's relations with the board

6.    Establishment and supervision of the federation and confederation

7.    Supervision and regulation of all kinds of contracts

8.    Commercial law consulting in terms of firms and facilities

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