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1.  Adequate pay

2.  Civil nuisance

3.  All kinds of lawsuits related to the establishment of easement rights

4.  Lawsuits arising from hypothec disputes

5.  Detinues

6.  Pourparty lawsuits

7.  Condemnation proceeding

8.  Disputes arising from the law of condominium

9.  Determination of rent

10. Suits about preferential

11.  Registration and cancellation of land registry

12.  Disputes and lawsuits between citizens and the directorate of land registry

13.  Correction of existing errors on land registry records

14.  Discharge case



1.  Supervision and regulation of  bargain and sale agreements

2.  Determination of  the appropriate real estate according to your economic situation

3.  Real estate financing consultancy

4.  Real estate valuation (appraisal) consulting

5.  Supervision and  regulation of the real estate sales contract

6.  Real estate transactions, leasing, and  legal advice for foreigners to acquire real estate transactions

7.  Research and evaluation of real estate legal and financial status

8.  Monthly follow-up of the real estate lease payments and per annum follow-up of the  rental income9.  Due diligence

10.  Supervision and arranging of mortgage contracts

11.  Mortgages and pledges plant operations

12.  Supervision and  regulation of construction contracts

13.  Operations of required procedures before the relevant public institutions and organizations

14.  Supervision and  regulations of contracts about flats received from contractors for land ownership

15.  Supervision and  regulation of the rental contracts

16.  Consulting about disputes arising from the   condominium ownership act

17.  Closely monitoring the legislation and informing the clients

18.  Monitoring of the project's compliance with environmental legislation

19.  Brokerage and trustee services for real estate  that you want to buy or sell

20.  Title transactions

21.  Preparation of lease contracts and leasing brokerage services to ensure the legal security of real estate in Turkey

22.  Legal advice service for domestic and foreign natural and legal persons to analyze and to minimize risks about selling of the real             estates

23.  Preparation of management plan

24.  Consultancy in the office, by phone, or in writing within the working hours

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