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TURKISH LEGAL CONSULTANCY Lawyers are highly recommended criminal defense attorneys who are able to follow up criminal cases at every stage;  defend your rights diligently; provide information to the families whose members are being under custudy, arrested and prisoned.

1.    Suits at the criminal courts of peace

2.    Suits at the  court of general sessions

3.    Suits at the high criminal courts

4.    Suits before the military criminal court

5.    Foreclosure suits

6.    Present at the investigation stage

7.    Due to the bill of exchange complaint procedures and negotiation with creditors


Consulting Services            

1.    Representation and immediate intervention on emergency legal assistance

2.    Investigation and resolution of the acts and movements in terms of criminal

3.    Supervision of criminal responsibility of the merchant

4.    Monitoring of the Foreign Exchange Law, Bankruptcy Law Law, Intellectual Property Law in terms of Criminal Law

5.    Consultancy in the office, by phone or in writing within the working

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