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TURKISH LEGAL CONSULTANCY Attorneys are working closely with revenue offices, and free zone companies, and collaborating with custom brokers.  Turkish Commercial Laws and  international Commercial  cases arose from a breach of contracts, and international  arbitration cases,  TURKISH LEGAL CONSULTANCY  lawyers provide you with fast and quality results by contacting other parties of the dispute and lay the groundwork for  ADR (Alternative dispute resolution) 


1.     Lawsuits arising from the customs procedures

2.     Prevention of unfair competition on importation

3.     Lawsuits arising from the Law on Protection of the Value of Turkish Currency

4.     Reference to international arbitration paths and solutions of the problems with arbitration

5.     Lawsuits arising from international trade agreements


1.     Solution to the customs procedures

2.     Supervision and  regulation of the export documents

3.     Inspection of import transactions

4.     Resolution of disputes on free zone

5.     Preparation of  contracts in any language

6.     Controls and regulations on Transit Trade and Standardization

7.      Solution on transactions and settlement of disputes arising from Protect the value of Turkish currency  law

8.      Preparation, supervision, and interpretation of the international agreements

9.      Translation of contracts  according to the law technique

10.    Overseas debt follow-up   

11.    Foreign investment advisory

12.    Consultancy in the office, by phone or in writing within the working hours

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