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1.    Lawsuits arising from maritime criminal law

2.    Proceedings and lawsuits arising from the sea trade

3.    Cancellation or registration on the register of a ship, collateralize

4.    Arrest of ship cargo-  rescue detention  ship

5.    Application of the right of pledge on the ship and cargo

6.    Insurance indemnity

7.    Cargo damages, loss, and loss detection cases and  liability claims arising therefrom



1.    Supervision&regulation  of  charter and

     depot contracts

2.    Legal advice about collisions & salvage

3.    Control of sea trade agreements, arranging

4.    Interpretation and translation of maritime contracts

5.    The freighter and the captain's responsibilities

6.    Legal control of the ship's ports of departure and arrival

7.    Supervision of customs and port problems

8.    Supervision and regulation of contracts of 

       the captain and crew

9.    Supervision of  transactions of  captains

10.   Consulting about the agreements and protocols

       on international maritime law

11.   Counseling in general average

12.  Supervision and regulation of freight agreements

13.  Consulting and regulations about the bill of lading

14.  Legal control of loading and unloading practices

15.  Consultancy in the office, by phone or in writing

      within the working hours

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