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TURKISH LEGAL CONSULTANCY Mediators and Attorneys provide a full range of services at labor and social security laws 


1.    Mediation invitation to parties

2.    Mediation Meetings 

3.    Attending mediation meetings as your lawyers 

4.    Negotiation 


1.     Lawsuits about the cancellation of labor contract

2.     Lawsuits about occupational accidents and actions for damage arising from the  occupational accident

3.     Reemployment lawsuits

4.     Severance and notice pay lawsuits

5.     Lawsuits about the determination of insurance

6.     Lawsuit about the interpretation of contracts

7.     Lawsuits about social insurance



1.     Supervision and implementation of the employment contracts

2.     The preparation  of the termination of the employment contracts, termination control in accordance with the contracts

3.     Preparation of written warning and notice in the field of labor law

4.     Preparation and supervision of employment contracts

5.     Monitoring of the behavior of workers

6.     Supervision of the employee personal file, annual pay vacation registry, work schedules, and employee payroll

7.     Controlling and eliminating the deficiencies in accordance with the obligations of the employer's

8.     Supervision and regulation of trade union rights and activities of the employer

9.     Supervision of the collective bargaining agreements

10.   Consultancy in the office, by phone or in writing within the working hours

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