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1.     Complaint before the Public Procurement Authority

2.     Nullity suits

3.     Full remedy actions

4.     Objection to the implementing agency


1.       Supervision and regulation of the basis of subcontractors

2.       Perform legal control of the operations of Goods and Services Procurement  within the frame of Framework Agreements

3.       Supervision, interpretation, and application of principles that apply to  price difference account

4.       Food Records and Food Production Certificate operations

5.       Supervision of the allowance regulation

6.       Supervision, interpret, and application of the general specification of the service works

7.       Investigation of the tenders

8.       Supervision and regulation of the  pre-bid procedures required to be performed

9.       Supervision and regulation of the Work Experience Certificates

10.      Supervision and  regulation of the  partnerships and consortia

11.       Admissions Process and Building Inspection

12.      Supervision of public procurement contracts

13.      Proposal Preparation and Proficiency Import operations

14.      Approximate Cost and Benefit Assessment Guidelines

15.      General specifications for construction works

16.      Consultancy in the office, by phone, or in writing within the working hours

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