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TURKISH LEGAL CONSULTANCY Attorneys provide services in consumer law. Both Producers, Companies, and consumers are subject to Consumer Law. 


1.      Lawsuits arising from subscription agreements

2.      Lawsuits arising from defective products

3.      Lawsuits arising from defective services

4.      Cases arising from the timeshare holidays

5.      Lawsuits arising from  the guaranteed sales

6.      Lawsuits arising from the unfair conditions

7.      Lawsuits arising from the doorstep selling and distant-sale

8.      Lawsuits arising from the credit card contracts

9.      Housing finance lawsuits

10.    Package tours

11.    Lawsuits arising from installment sales and the Campaign

12.    Lawsuits arising from contracts of the Housing Development Administration of Turkey

13.    The applications of the arbitral tribunal for Consumer Problems

14.    Litigation arising from consumer loans

15.    Consumers need to make references to the Board of Ad

16.    Consumers need to make references to the Council on Competitiveness



1.     Subscription contracts

2.     Circuit holiday contracts

3.     Monitoring of  the business compliance with consumer law

4.     Door-to-distance sales and distant sales contracts

5.     Applications of door-to-sales  for certificates

6.     Housing finance and consumer loans contracts

7.     Supervision of contracts of sale of goods or services

8.     Monitoring of  distance- sales contracts

9.     Package tour contract

10.   Campaign and  installment sales contracts

11.   Regulation and supervision of the advertising and advertisements according to the consumer law

12.   Preparation and supervision of the  Consumer Contracts in accordance with  legislation

13.   The establishment of a consumer complaint line and in-person answering the complaints of consumers

14.   Consultancy in the office, by phone, or in writing within the working hours

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