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TURKISH LEGAL CONSULTANCY Attorneys provide services at Capital Market Laws

Attorney Services

1.    Actions for damages based on tort

2.    Cancellation proceedings

3.    Lawsuits for damages incurred  In case of a certificate by the contract

4.    Criminal cases about speculation and manipulation

5.    Administrative remedy before Capital Markets Board



Consulting Services  

1.    Regulation of the go public of  joint-stock company

2.    Consulting about  conditions that required invitation and transactions arising form this

3.    Legal advice on investment in equities

4.    Legal advice on distribution of capital market instruments, issuance and collecting

5.    Consultation on legal liability arising from the Capital market instruments, recording and distribution

6.    Legal advice on capital markets and financial investment in real estate

7.    Implementation of the Mandatory invitation

8.    Consultancy in the office, by phone or in writing within the working hours

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