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1.    Solution of quarrels between energy companies, in terms of competition law

2.    Administrative proceedings between energy companies and administrative regulations

3.    Criminal cases related to energy smuggling and theft

4.    Sources of energy storage, court cases relating to customs and warehouse operations

5.    Energy-related consumer lawsuits

6.    Commercial and other legal proceedings of  energy companies



1.     Advising on the use and flow of energy between states

2.     Emission reduction purchase agreement (ERPA),

3.     Legal advice on the subject of energy extraction, production, power plants, and permits

4.     Advising on  consumer law issue of energy consumption

5.     Consulting on legal issues  between energy companies

6.     Consultation on legal problems between energy companies and the public regulations

7.     Consulting on energy production procurement

8.      The licenses for the establishment of companies, consulting on energy legislation,  preparation of due   diligence reports,

          the share transfers of companies

9.       Advice regarding the export/imports of energy

10.     Energy consultancy on trafficking and theft, within the scope of criminal legislation

11.     Consulting about the storage of energy resources, customs, and legal issues that arise from the warehouse operations 

12.     License applications and license amendments related to the energy market

13.     Regulation of construction contracts for power plants

14.     Implementation of any procedure related to EMRA

15.     Preparation of the concession contracts

16.     Preparation of  coal supply agreements, and other energy-related agreements

17.     Interpretation, translation, and monitoring of  international  energy agreements and protocols

18.     Consulting on projects and project financing

19.     Drilling, production, and rehabilitation contracts

20.     Turbine purchase agreements

21.     Production sharing agreements, tax distribution agreements, licensing agreements,

22.     Consultancy in the office, by phone or in writing within the working hours

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